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Join Matthew Melton and Jimmy Bowman as they discuss, debate, and celebrate all things baseball. No over analyzing stats or deep strategics here, just two baseball fans talking about the fun and sometimes ridiculous aspects of the sport.
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Aug 16, 2017

We're proud to be the only baseball podcast with the guts to ask the tough questions like "was Captain Planet actually a bad show?" Seriously, about half of the podcast is about that. Sorry in advance. We welcome Podcast Host Emeritus back into the studio (just hush about that) to talk Chris Christie, a minor-league hitting streak coming to an end, Adrian Beltre, and his contemporaries on the all-time hits list. 

Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about Studio Fake News, #AL4Lyfe, Nacho Security, Sexy Singles Want to Boo, Beltre Quirks, Death Before Designation, and Fridge Scum. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, Planeteers! 

Jul 27, 2017

The trade deadline is upon us! Which teams are buyers? Sellers? The market is heating up hotter than an 8-piece Blazin' Sauce dinner (TM TM TM)! It's chocolate bananas up in here! Man, I'm hungry. I hope another team doesn't use that take advantage of me. We talk J.D., Jose, and discuss whether or not Pablo was underpaid(?!?). We also debut a new interview segment "My Stupid Team"- this week we talk Orioles with friend of the show and LA comedian Bryan Thomas. 

Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about Sandoval Slash Fiction, Actual Panda Defense, Planet Kershaw, Blanchett Comparisons, and Cowboy Identity Theft. @ThatBBShow and rate/review on iTunes, farmhands! 

Jul 17, 2017

Do YOU know what YOU'D do if the MLB season ended today? Does your family have a plan in the event of such a catastrophe? Are you equipped to survive in a world where baseball comes to a screeching halt 3 months early? ...oh wait, everyone except us means it figuratively. Anyway, we do chat about All Star Weekend and how to fix it, Alex Bregman, George Springer, what an intense weirdo Max Scherzer is, and we re-visit our preseason picks! Listen today, for the SEASON MIGHT END TOMORROW. 


Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about ESPYs Winners and Also Winners, All-Star Moon Physics, Dings v. Dongs, Commentator Standards, Gravestone Microstats, and the Fickle Nature of Callbacks. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, you frisky cats! 

Jun 21, 2017

Happy Single-A Short Season Opening Week, y'all! We know it sounds like a realllllly specific thing to observe, but we take what we can get out here. We celebrate the minors by playing Real or Fake: Minor League Promotion Edition and go over a few real (and really weird) promotions happening this season. We also talk about Mike Schmidt and Jerry Remy and dumb things they've said and we anoint a new Vladimir Guerrero- turns out it's a title, not a name. Savage Tested, Savage Approved, brother! 


Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about Free Mandatory Liposuctions, You Might Be The Father's Day, Puig's Double Deuce, Baseball (Language) For Dummies, and Muppet Babies Murder. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, dig it! 

Jun 9, 2017

In the baseball justice system, mascots are represented by two separate, but equally important groups- mascot police, who investigate crimes, and mascot attorneys, who prosecute rogue mascots and make them into bygone McDonald's characters. These are their stories. It's actually just the one. We also talk about some notable basebrawls, Pujols and Kershaw breaking records, the most forgettable no-no ever thrown, and we bring back "Better Know an Old-Timey Baseball Player", this time focusing on the notorious Lenny "Nails" Dykstra.


Listen to this episode if you want to talk about Royal Atrocities, Mid-Brawl Plunking, The Idiot's Arya Stark, Hunter Rushes In, Buster's Good Out Here, Volquez Gets Covfefe'd, and Robbing Lenny To Pay Lenny. @ThatBBShow on Twitter & please rate/review on iTunes, bro! 

Jun 1, 2017

Sour news friends, as both this podcast and Parallel Universe President Jeb Bush have something in common- we've both fallen victim to fake news! It might be contagious, so forgive us for not shaking hands- wouldn't want you catching it. Do catch this episode though, as we discuss the Mookie Wilson dinosaur quote, Charlie Blackmon, Claire Eccles, Aaron Judge, cross-team pranks, delightfully awful Rays plays, and a HILARIOUS conversation about ballpark safety. We also fix The Wave! We're on a roll! 

Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about Going Hannity, Chris Archer Face, One Knuckler To Rule Them All, The (Rich) People's Court, Sound Investment Advice, and Terrible Class War Puns. @ThatBBShow on Twitter and please rate and review, comrades! 

May 25, 2017

Is it possible to improve on perfection? What modifications can one make to something that is already complete? What DO you get for the player who can do everything? We don't really answer these questions, but we do discuss a few pretty good baseballmen. We also dip our toe into some advanced stats and talk about the weirdest home runs hit this season. We also fix extra innings! It might take a while, but remember- we stop serving alcohol after the 7th goof. 


Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about The Myth of A Hit, HBP Victim-Blaming, Kindergarten Justice, RBIs (Really Bad Indicators), Lord of The (Infield) Flies, Gilded Gloves, Riding The Clutch, and The Twilight of Derek Jeter's Career. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, ya Jokers! 

May 18, 2017

In 1994, a game by the name of Fighting Baseball was released on the Super Famicom. This game would go on to make such baseball luminaries as Bobsun Dugnutt, David Dustice and Karl Dandleton household names in Japan, and exactly nowhere else- until this episode. We also talk Aaron Judge, Ryan Zimmerman, the Boston/Baltimore kerfuffle, and Jimmy even fixes the beanball! 

Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Cody Getting Fired, Middle School Email Addresses, MLB: The (Horror) Show, Minor League Hipsterism, .OPS Over There, Goldberg Punishments, and #NotAllBostonians. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, Queens! 

May 3, 2017

Matt just flew back from the #FyreFestival and boy are his arms tired! Mostly from frantically trying to wave down passing aircraft while stranded on Grand Exuma, but we digress. We discuss our favorite stories/highlights from the past month as well as make our 2017 Cy Young/MVP picks, plus we give some advice on how to start a podcast by listener request! 

Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about a Trip To The Ja-Hamas, Theory of a Graveman, Juan Pierre Exchange Rates, Large Locomotives, Partnership Enhancing Drugs, The Baseball Fibonacci Sequence, and Scherz Happens. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, Manger Babies! 

Apr 18, 2017

Matt and Jimmy finally get into the same room to do our Opening Week(ish) episode! We do division predictions, make our HR leader picks, and EVERYONE PLEASE GO TELL JIMMY TO WATCH STRANGER THINGS. @jimmy_bowman and include the show in the tweet. Fly my pretties! 

Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about Airfolk Relations, Captain Wacky's Morning Madhouse, Great Phillies Moments, Grasshopper Scarcity, Contract Dowries, The Max Kepler Effect, A God Among (Korean) Men, and King Cat and Duke Felix. @ThatBBShow, One-Punchers! 

Mar 28, 2017

Jimmy and Matt are bringing you this episode recorded LIVE at the 2017 Treefort Music Festival in beautiful downtown Boise! We reviewed one of the greatest straight-to-DVD dog-playing-baseball movies ever created by humans- "Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch"- for our live audience and just for you! If you feel like you missed out on not being able to see the scenes we played for the audience, feel free to stream the film, but don't have to do that. 


Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about A Brief History of the Buddyverse, Dog/Human Relations, There Can Be Only One (Breed), Straight-to-DVD Agnosticism, Raccoon Crimes, and Canine Strike Zones. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, Super Buddies! Thanks to everyone who came out!

Feb 22, 2017

Oh, hello listeners. Come on in but keep the lights off, will ya? Also we can hear you just fine, you don't need to shout. Sorry if we seem irritable, we're just wacked out migraine meds and/or stroking out a bit. That might also explain why we take a little longer than usual to get to the baseball stuff, but hang in there, it's coming. We cover prominent baseballmen and their recent public jackassery, and we share our questionable economic acumen. 

Listen to this episode if you wan to hear us talk about Your Body's Trust Fund, Free Market Razor Blades, Salvia History, Hidden Logos, Curt Doubles Down, Trevor Is Blinded By Science, Aubrey Shakes His Fist, Alien Bitcoins, Jeff's Pastry Stadium Grift, and a Bonus Bad Basketball Man. Also baseball! @ThatBBShow on Twitter, Fellow Travelers! 

Jan 23, 2017

Good 2017 to you, internet! Jimmy and Matt emerge from the Snowpocalypse to bring you...not much, actually. We do discuss the (rather cold) Hot Stove, stadium relocations, relievers in the Hall of Fame, and bring back Better Know an Old-Timey Ballplayer: HoF Edition! RT us @ThatBBShow, but beware- Twitter LEARNS. 


Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about Mr. Wikileaks, The Baltimore Oreos, Darkwing Deep Cuts, Titanic Appropriation, Sadcasting, Too Many Justins, the Doc Ellis LSD Wing, 5 Tools, and Hacked Metaphors. Spasibo for listening! 

Dec 27, 2016

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Joyous Candlenights! Jimmy and Matt examine the collective delusion that permeates both Hall of Fame voting and movies about genies that live in boomboxes in this one. We also talk about the latest (as of about a week ago #sorrynotsorry) Hot Stove moves, and a little more about the CBA! It's a riot, IF YOU CAN PROVE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

Listen to this episode if you want us talk about Genie Post-Truths, The Ship of Theseus Bullpen Paradox, Butts N' Things, Frat Dad Abuse, J.D. Who?, Angry LinkedIns, and The Lon Chaney Of Podcasts. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, rookie! 

Dec 9, 2016

Now that we're well past 50 whole episodes, it's time to do one of these callbacks we've been hearing so much about. We're almost certain we did it bad. We do talk about the All-Star Game not mattering even more now, along with our over/unders and award predictions from the beginning of the season. RACK'EM! 


Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about Hulkaroo, Attack of the Drones, More Like FARTolo, Knuckleballing As A Career Move, Grampy Bowman Wisdom, and A Brief Treatise on Numbers. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, youngins! 

Nov 21, 2016

Everybody go easy on Jimmy this week. He just woke up from a coma and doesn't know how God-awful 2016 has been so let's take it slow, huh? We discuss the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs and what's next for the reigning AL and NL champions and compare managerial styles while trying to distract Jimmy from reading news sites. 

Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about Jimmy Getting Lenny'd, The Cubs' Dark Bargain, The Indians Get Green Mile'd, Sticking To Sports, Top Chef Top Ramen, Seinfeld With Ghosts, Baseball Old, MVP (Most Valuable Zobrist), And Ford Tough Orphanages. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, you volcano-dwelling Elder Gods! 

Oct 31, 2016

Hello friends, and a special hello to all our new listeners! The 2016 baseball season is almost over so we thought we'd take the opportunity to look back on our favorite discussions, debates, and diatribes (along with bits, jokes, and rabbit trails) from over the year. Plus it's our 51st episode! And you thought we wouldn't get you anything. Sorry for the sound quality over the first 15 minutes- I started using a new mic around March, with noticeably better results. 


Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk (again) about Steroid Enthusiasm, Some People Just Want To Watch the World Bunt, Bartolo Colon is Made of Bugs, Eating The Burrito Sideways, The Cliff Calhoun Trio, Trump's Pete Rose Baseball, Stupid Pitcher Tricks, and The Origin Of Big Pappy. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, you cool babies! 

Oct 19, 2016

Well tarnation, y'all! It's your old pal Big Pappy, here to chat with the boys about the playoffs! It's too bad we got swept in the first round, but that only means I have more time to mine for GOLD! Matt and Jimmy also cover postseason bullpen management, Trevor Bauer, Blue Jays conspiracies and mascot controversies. Sounds like a hoot and a holler! 

Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Pappyjuice, Bad Bad Baseball Bets, Schadenfreude Rooting Interests, Squirrel Hunting Tips, The Vanishing of Zach Britton, Drones, Amirite?, The 3 Habits of Highly Racists Sports Teams, The Washington Lincolns, and Jose Bautistrump. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, ya hear? 

Oct 5, 2016

Is it November already? Nope, we actually got it together to produce another episode! In this one we talk about nothing. That is to say, nothing of import, because nothing matters and everything is pointless. Very possibly Jimmy is upset the Rockies didn't make the playoff and he's taking it out on a universe dictated by chaos, don't mind him. We also talk lame-duck tied games, Matt Holliday, and we say goodbye to a few greats. 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Playoff Nihilism, Bocelli Impressions, No Love For Cody, Demotivational Speeches, Lil' Youk, Bartolo Colon: Designated Survivor, and Weekend at Vinnies. @ThatBBShow on the Twitters, deplorables! 

Sep 21, 2016

Jimmy is back in town and Matt is well enough to crack a whip, which all adds up to a new pod for y'all! Matt is still getting over a cold, apologies for the sonic unpleasantness of stuffy sniffles. And if the audio is quiet, we were recording on Jimmy's Guitar Hero mic b/c we're bad at prep. We talk current standings, Bill James' Gamescore, and the A.J. Preller in this one! 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Surprises and Not Surprises, Awesome Beltre Things, Jon Gray's High (Game)Score, Texting While Analogizing, Votto's 2nd Half Evolution, and how Strikeouts Are A Choice. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, headcases! 

Aug 24, 2016

We know we're in trouble for making a big joke about the All-Star Break and then following that up by not publishing a new episode for over a month after that. What were we thinking? I think we weren't thinking, is the answer. Find it in your heart to forgive us as we revisit our Walk-Off hierarchy and our 2nd half predictions, and also make a lot of A-Rod/Caesar comparisons. 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about A Kansas Between Them, Petty Vanity Plates, Jon Lester Walks Tall, The Devil's Bumper Stickers, Quantum Baseball, Good Good Prediction Boys, and Joey Altuve. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, hip Schroedinger's Cats! 

Jul 20, 2016

We're back everyone! Did y'all H.A.G.A.S.B like we wrote in your yearbooks? Go on any fun trips? What do you mean, "the All-Star break was only a few days long?" It feels like we haven't seen each other all summer! Settle in for the second semester of baseball as Matt and Jimmy re-cap the various MLB All-Star Weekend events and make outlandish predictions for each division. Also a few best/worst of picks in-between feeding Pidgeys into the wood chipper. 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about The Podcast All-Star Game, Kris Bryant Evolution, Baseball Pre-Crime, Mike Stanton Truthers, Beer Bet Semantics, The Irregressible Daniel Murphy, The AL South, and Most Valuable Pragmatists. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, fellow trainers! 

Jun 30, 2016

Thanks for joining us on the That Baseball Show radio hour, we think we've got something pretty special for our listeners. Tales of heroism and grace in defeat from the diamond, all thanks to your support. The tote bags are in the mail, we promise. This week Matt, Jimmy, and Cody talk walk-offs, and how to celebrate (should you celebrate?) with some prime examples from this last week of games. Since we're all in the same spot and with the All-Star Game looming, we do our yearly ASG team draft beer bet! 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear about Roided Out Beanie Babies, The Babe Ruth Card, Little League Snack Mistakes, #freeCoreySeager, Sandwich Pitchmen, Rodney's Revenge, Bringing Believing Back, and The Ballad of Big Unit. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, all things considered- RT for shout-outs next ep! 

Jun 10, 2016

Well, tarnation! It's your old pals Jimmy and Matt, back this week to discuss the Orioles/Royals fight, MadBum in the Home Run Derby, the #MLBCivilWar, the Sisyphean agony of All Star Games and some ballot updates. Plus we introduce Big Pappy, the loveable grizzled prospector looking for gold in them thar bleachers! 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Pure Baseball Retaliation, Liquid Refreshment, Clayton Kershaws' Walk(s) In The Clouds, Mad(Bum) About You, All-Star Purgatory, Practical Batflips, and a Bonus Beer Bet. Also, baseball. @ThatbbShow, youngins- RT the show links for on-air shout-outs in our next ep!  

Jun 2, 2016

Well we just heard...the news today....Matt and Cody are back with an episode that will take you higher, to a place where baseball things happen. We talk All-Star ballots, terrible music news from Florida, and the Gwynn family vs. big tobacco, along with our best of/worst of, what to watch, and even a beer bet. By the end of this episode, you should have little doubt that That Baseball Show is indeed a podcast that talks about the game of baseball. 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about The Ghost of Managers Past, #noRoyalsorbust, Grammy Award Winning Baseball Murderers, The Legend of Jagger Stapp, 90's Band Beefs, and Secret Alien David Ross. Also, baseball. Find us on Twitter @ThatBBShow, with arms wide open. 

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