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Join Matthew Melton and Jimmy Bowman as they discuss, debate, and celebrate all things baseball. No over analyzing stats or deep strategics here, just two baseball fans talking about the fun and sometimes ridiculous aspects of the sport.
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Dec 27, 2016

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Joyous Candlenights! Jimmy and Matt examine the collective delusion that permeates both Hall of Fame voting and movies about genies that live in boomboxes in this one. We also talk about the latest (as of about a week ago #sorrynotsorry) Hot Stove moves, and a little more about the CBA! It's a riot, IF YOU CAN PROVE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

Listen to this episode if you want us talk about Genie Post-Truths, The Ship of Theseus Bullpen Paradox, Butts N' Things, Frat Dad Abuse, J.D. Who?, Angry LinkedIns, and The Lon Chaney Of Podcasts. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, rookie! 

Dec 9, 2016

Now that we're well past 50 whole episodes, it's time to do one of these callbacks we've been hearing so much about. We're almost certain we did it bad. We do talk about the All-Star Game not mattering even more now, along with our over/unders and award predictions from the beginning of the season. RACK'EM! 


Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about Hulkaroo, Attack of the Drones, More Like FARTolo, Knuckleballing As A Career Move, Grampy Bowman Wisdom, and A Brief Treatise on Numbers. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, youngins! 

Nov 21, 2016

Everybody go easy on Jimmy this week. He just woke up from a coma and doesn't know how God-awful 2016 has been so let's take it slow, huh? We discuss the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs and what's next for the reigning AL and NL champions and compare managerial styles while trying to distract Jimmy from reading news sites. 

Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk about Jimmy Getting Lenny'd, The Cubs' Dark Bargain, The Indians Get Green Mile'd, Sticking To Sports, Top Chef Top Ramen, Seinfeld With Ghosts, Baseball Old, MVP (Most Valuable Zobrist), And Ford Tough Orphanages. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, you volcano-dwelling Elder Gods! 

Oct 31, 2016

Hello friends, and a special hello to all our new listeners! The 2016 baseball season is almost over so we thought we'd take the opportunity to look back on our favorite discussions, debates, and diatribes (along with bits, jokes, and rabbit trails) from over the year. Plus it's our 51st episode! And you thought we wouldn't get you anything. Sorry for the sound quality over the first 15 minutes- I started using a new mic around March, with noticeably better results. 


Listen to this episode if you want to hear us talk (again) about Steroid Enthusiasm, Some People Just Want To Watch the World Bunt, Bartolo Colon is Made of Bugs, Eating The Burrito Sideways, The Cliff Calhoun Trio, Trump's Pete Rose Baseball, Stupid Pitcher Tricks, and The Origin Of Big Pappy. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, you cool babies! 

Oct 19, 2016

Well tarnation, y'all! It's your old pal Big Pappy, here to chat with the boys about the playoffs! It's too bad we got swept in the first round, but that only means I have more time to mine for GOLD! Matt and Jimmy also cover postseason bullpen management, Trevor Bauer, Blue Jays conspiracies and mascot controversies. Sounds like a hoot and a holler! 

Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Pappyjuice, Bad Bad Baseball Bets, Schadenfreude Rooting Interests, Squirrel Hunting Tips, The Vanishing of Zach Britton, Drones, Amirite?, The 3 Habits of Highly Racists Sports Teams, The Washington Lincolns, and Jose Bautistrump. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, ya hear? 

Oct 5, 2016

Is it November already? Nope, we actually got it together to produce another episode! In this one we talk about nothing. That is to say, nothing of import, because nothing matters and everything is pointless. Very possibly Jimmy is upset the Rockies didn't make the playoff and he's taking it out on a universe dictated by chaos, don't mind him. We also talk lame-duck tied games, Matt Holliday, and we say goodbye to a few greats. 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Playoff Nihilism, Bocelli Impressions, No Love For Cody, Demotivational Speeches, Lil' Youk, Bartolo Colon: Designated Survivor, and Weekend at Vinnies. @ThatBBShow on the Twitters, deplorables! 

Sep 21, 2016

Jimmy is back in town and Matt is well enough to crack a whip, which all adds up to a new pod for y'all! Matt is still getting over a cold, apologies for the sonic unpleasantness of stuffy sniffles. And if the audio is quiet, we were recording on Jimmy's Guitar Hero mic b/c we're bad at prep. We talk current standings, Bill James' Gamescore, and the A.J. Preller in this one! 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Surprises and Not Surprises, Awesome Beltre Things, Jon Gray's High (Game)Score, Texting While Analogizing, Votto's 2nd Half Evolution, and how Strikeouts Are A Choice. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, headcases! 

Aug 24, 2016

We know we're in trouble for making a big joke about the All-Star Break and then following that up by not publishing a new episode for over a month after that. What were we thinking? I think we weren't thinking, is the answer. Find it in your heart to forgive us as we revisit our Walk-Off hierarchy and our 2nd half predictions, and also make a lot of A-Rod/Caesar comparisons. 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about A Kansas Between Them, Petty Vanity Plates, Jon Lester Walks Tall, The Devil's Bumper Stickers, Quantum Baseball, Good Good Prediction Boys, and Joey Altuve. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, hip Schroedinger's Cats! 

Jul 20, 2016

We're back everyone! Did y'all H.A.G.A.S.B like we wrote in your yearbooks? Go on any fun trips? What do you mean, "the All-Star break was only a few days long?" It feels like we haven't seen each other all summer! Settle in for the second semester of baseball as Matt and Jimmy re-cap the various MLB All-Star Weekend events and make outlandish predictions for each division. Also a few best/worst of picks in-between feeding Pidgeys into the wood chipper. 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about The Podcast All-Star Game, Kris Bryant Evolution, Baseball Pre-Crime, Mike Stanton Truthers, Beer Bet Semantics, The Irregressible Daniel Murphy, The AL South, and Most Valuable Pragmatists. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, fellow trainers! 

Jun 30, 2016

Thanks for joining us on the That Baseball Show radio hour, we think we've got something pretty special for our listeners. Tales of heroism and grace in defeat from the diamond, all thanks to your support. The tote bags are in the mail, we promise. This week Matt, Jimmy, and Cody talk walk-offs, and how to celebrate (should you celebrate?) with some prime examples from this last week of games. Since we're all in the same spot and with the All-Star Game looming, we do our yearly ASG team draft beer bet! 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear about Roided Out Beanie Babies, The Babe Ruth Card, Little League Snack Mistakes, #freeCoreySeager, Sandwich Pitchmen, Rodney's Revenge, Bringing Believing Back, and The Ballad of Big Unit. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter, all things considered- RT for shout-outs next ep! 

Jun 10, 2016

Well, tarnation! It's your old pals Jimmy and Matt, back this week to discuss the Orioles/Royals fight, MadBum in the Home Run Derby, the #MLBCivilWar, the Sisyphean agony of All Star Games and some ballot updates. Plus we introduce Big Pappy, the loveable grizzled prospector looking for gold in them thar bleachers! 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Pure Baseball Retaliation, Liquid Refreshment, Clayton Kershaws' Walk(s) In The Clouds, Mad(Bum) About You, All-Star Purgatory, Practical Batflips, and a Bonus Beer Bet. Also, baseball. @ThatbbShow, youngins- RT the show links for on-air shout-outs in our next ep!  

Jun 2, 2016

Well we just heard...the news today....Matt and Cody are back with an episode that will take you higher, to a place where baseball things happen. We talk All-Star ballots, terrible music news from Florida, and the Gwynn family vs. big tobacco, along with our best of/worst of, what to watch, and even a beer bet. By the end of this episode, you should have little doubt that That Baseball Show is indeed a podcast that talks about the game of baseball. 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about The Ghost of Managers Past, #noRoyalsorbust, Grammy Award Winning Baseball Murderers, The Legend of Jagger Stapp, 90's Band Beefs, and Secret Alien David Ross. Also, baseball. Find us on Twitter @ThatBBShow, with arms wide open. 

May 17, 2016

Guess who just got back today? A trio of dudes who just exhausted their knowledge of 70's Irish rock band Thin Lizzy. Jimmy, Cody and Matt are all in the mix as they discuss the Rangers/Blue Jays brawl, to Root or Not To Root for Matt Bush, Bartolo going yard, and Max Scherzer, Mad Titan. We've also got best of/worst of picks, what to watch this week, and a bench-clearing beer bet!


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Roughneck Odor, Statcast Punches, Bush League Announcing, Manager Succession, Lose Yourself (12 or so times), Instant Baseball Cards, and Throwing a "Maddux". Also, baseball. Find us on Twitter @ThatBBShow (NO .COM JIMMY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD)!

May 3, 2016

With one full month of baseball behind us, we answer thequestion on everyone's mind- "which minor leaguer name is real?" Wealso talk the surprisingly good Phillies, impact rookies, have funwith a Minor League franchise name generator and- DEAR GOD!ZONKEYS! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! We also do beer bets, best of/worstof, what to watch for- all the trappings of a regular seasonshow! 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Jimmy'sDraft Day, Unfortunate Headlines, The Inscrutable AL East, Homerismvs. Optimism, Amish Neckbeards, Zebroids vs. Zebrids, HorriblePlayer Puns, and The Story of Trevor. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShowon Twitter and That Baseball Show on Facebook,Robo-Snails! 

Apr 27, 2016

Welcome to our first episode dedicated exclusively to the 2016 baseball season! Matt is joined by the Once and Future Podcast Host (and Executive Producer, President-for-Life, and any other honorific he wants to have as long as he's paying for hosting) Cody Fitch to digest a full 2 weeks of sweet MLB action and discuss how the more things change, the more Curt Schilling is still just THE WORST. 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Why We Can't Have Nice Things, [REDACTED], The Shape of Time, The Legend of Jake Drago, A Meme Too Far: The Curt Schilling Story, Prince Apocrypha, Fan Swears, Throwing Shade on the Rays, Baseball Amnesia, and Hand Signal Hashtags. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter and That Baseball Show on Facebook, Little Red Corvettes! 

Apr 12, 2016

Ah, Opening Week. Snow on the ground, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, a feeling of Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men. Gather 'round the Yule Log as we riff for an hour or so about the first couple days of the regular season, and other nonsense (mostly other nonsense). 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Opening Day Carols, Matt Damon Doo-Doo Movies, The Immaculate Sports Conception, Matt Duffy Beef, Luthorian Hatred, Mariners Schadenfreude, Wags Above Replacement, No Walking Dead Spoilers, The Forgettable NL Central, Jorge Soler Slander, Rich Yankee Problems, and the Legend of Marlins Guy. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow and That Baseball Show on Facebook, Carolers! 

Apr 4, 2016

Conjunction junction, what's your function? How DOES a bill get made into a law? Why is 3 a magic number? All questions you won't find answers to in the dugout, but don't tell that to Adam LaRoche. Also it's the return of the Beer Bet and we have some humdingers for you as we put frosty cold ones on the line for 2016 AL/NL MVP, Cy Young, and overall home run champ! 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Not Great Baseball Acting, Quarter Pounder Strike Zones, Historical Drakes, Kid Leadership, The Babyfaced MVP, Complicated "X" Nicknames, Sweet Chris-on-Chris Action, and Geek Test Over-Correcting. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter and we'd love it if you left a review on iTunes or Stitcher, Interplanet Janets! 

Mar 28, 2016
  • The Knitts
  • California Raisins Disneyland Anaheim Angels in the Outfield
  • A-Rod's Farewell Tour
  • How to Make Sportscenter
  • Coming Out of the Swag Closet
  • Moneyball

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Mar 21, 2016

This episode of TBS goes out to all you hep cats out there in Podcast Land. Aww yeah, you know who you are. We're riding this show express to Chillsville daddy-o, with some hot goofs about Pete Rose and Donald Trump, Goose Gossage v. Bryce Harper, and Barry Bonds all up in the mix. And a 1, and a 2...


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Ballplayer Name Retractions, The Cliff Calhoun Trio, Veterate vs. Inveterate Gambling, The Best Pete Rose There Is, Altered World History Baseballs, Pond Animal Sabermetrics, Old Man Rant Bingo, and Rockies Mascot Dick Jokes. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter and That Baseball Show on Facebook, swingers!  


Mar 15, 2016

Hey there Nation! We would have had this very special 2016 season preview episode of TBS up earlier, but we couldn't settle on what to call the podcasting super-group created when Jimmy and Matt combined forces with Ryan McEachern of the McEachern Podcast Network! We never did decide- Audioslave I think? We also provide terrible gambling advice which you shouldn't follow.* 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Chris Russo Impressions, Stamp Sound Effects, Advanced Mustache Metrics, T-Pain Burrito Techniques, The Rise of The Carrasborg, The Uribe Uncertainty Principle, #notalllineups, Amazon Drone Horse Delivery, A New Term for Tanking, and OUR FIRST LIVE SHOW EVAR! Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter and That Baseball Show on Facebook, Spoon Men and Women! 

Feb 29, 2016

We're feeling pretty good TBS Nation. I think it's safe to say we reported to this episode in the Best Shape Of Our Lives. We discuss fellow Best Shape of His Lifer Pablo Sandoval, baseball in London, Don Mattingly's new rules, and we put another US city on blast! Who will be next, you ask? Don't try anything funny, Kalamazoo. 


Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Funyun Diets, The "Reverse Truman", Philadelphia Fan Ballistics, Olympic Proms, Vuvuzela Survival Tips, Google Specificity, Auspicious Minds, Cartesian Sideburns, and Mullet Moonwalks. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter and That Baseball Show on Facebook, fellow gym rats! 


Feb 19, 2016

Oh boy did we ever record a really great episode for you! But Podcast Krampus struck once more in the form of a new call recorder and it is forever lost to time and space, so you get this one instead. We talk Jennry Mejia's historic lifetime ban and see where the worlds of baseball and pro wrestling intersect. 

Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Podcast Enhancing Drugs, Weekend At Peyton's, Foodservice Dabbing, The Many Catchphrases of Andre the Giant, Air Bud's Secret Identity, Pete Rose v. The (Other) Big Red Machine, Blue Collar Wrestling Personas, The Demographics of Juggy Restaurants, TBS "Facts", and some very exciting news re: our pals The Knitts! Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter and That Baseball Show on Facebook! Yes! Yes! Yes!  

Feb 10, 2016

Hello Nation! This podcast is late, that is to say it's later than we'd like. Also Matt's audio sounds like he was recording in a snowstorm- rest assured, it's like 50 degrees here. Apologies for both, Podcast Krampus strikes again! 


In this episode we review/geek out over the Season 3 Simpsons episode "Homer At The Bat". We cover the episode's history, the player guest stars, and why Jose Canseco is THE WORST. We also talk about our Super Beef, The Confounding Rockies, Air Bud Junkballs, and What's Worse Than Jose Canseco. Also baseball. @thatBBshow on Twitter and That Baseball Show on FB- Grampy Bowman approves!

Feb 2, 2016
We apologize in advance for this shortened one, Nation- not for the horrible Sarah Palin/Haray Caray impressions at the top, but because the debate over whether or not the NL should adopt the Designated Hitter devolved into Matt losing it over Air Bud goofs. You know what, never mind- we stand by all of it. 
Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Palin-tology, Matt and Jimmy: The Baseball's Red Sons, The NL (Stoning) Lottery, DH Truthers, Greenpeace Press Gangs, Squiggly Bartolo Colon Lines, "Great" Pitcher/Hitters, Papi B Goode, and really just the worst Air Bud baseball movie titles we could think of. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter and That Baseball Show on Facebook for a good harvest! 
Jan 22, 2016

When we committed to doing the pod weekly through the off-season, we have to admit we were worried we wouldn't have enough to talk about. Then the MLB went to court over TV contract rights and that MAKES US ANGRY. We also discuss the notion of automated strike zones and what that means for humanity's desperate struggle against our robot overlords. And Matt apologizes for his plosives- his pop filter fell off. Womp womp.

Listen to this pod if you want to hear us talk about Withdrawal Spiders vs. Actual Spiders, A Piping Hot Cold Open, Eagles Atheism, M*A*S*H Knowledge, RSNs Are Too Big To Fail?, Kafka-esque Court Settlements, Let's Bern This Joint Down, Wordy Ref Taunts, R2-D2 vs. BB-8, and Giant Robot Stadiums. Also, baseball. @ThatBBShow on Twitter and That Baseball Show on Facebook, Robo-Sinners! 

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